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Healthcare Marketing Targets: Who Are They?

by: Brendan Emerson    |    February 2, 2016    |    Healthcare, Industry Knowledge

To state the obvious, healthcare—and healthcare marketing--in the U.S. is changing. In this highly volatile environment, we are still charged with developing an exhibit program that addresses critical issues. As we try to drown out all the craziness around us, a major question emerges: Who is our target? [...]


How to Bring the Patient Journey to the Healthcare Exhibit

by: Jerry Grady    |    January 11, 2016    |    Healthcare

Healthcare brand marketers today receive the charge to be mindful of the “patient journey.” Like “patient centricity,” “patient journey” is at risk of becoming another meaningless buzz word, bandied about in the hopes of establishing credibility. Learn how you can incorporate the patient journey in your healthcare exhibit. [...]

Do Doctors Actually Attend Trade Show Exhibits?

by: Jon Ellms    |    December 17, 2015    |    Healthcare

Justifying convention spend is often a tough job. One major hurdle is that conventions as a marketing channel are often misunderstood. Much of the misunderstanding stems from the perception of conventions as a boondoggle—parties, late nights, and mini-vacations. It’s a stigma that, no matter how hard we try, is taking a long time to die. [...]