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Access understands the power of the brand experience via face-to-face marketing—and because we know how to build strategy as well as the environments where these experiences take place, companies of all types come to us to help them get the best return on their trade show dollars. They know that our exhibit design is stunning and cost effective. They also know that they will be getting the best customer support in the industry.

Nothing gets products into the most robust distribution channels better than face-to face marketing. The industries marked by intense trade show activity range from less tangible segments such as professional business services and financial, legal and real estate instruments to consumer goods, construction, heavy machinery, transportation and IT. Trade shows exist across SIC codes, connecting sellers to buyers and making business-to-business marketing via trade shows a marketing discipline in itself, one in which Access’ reputation is second to none.

From the smallest exhibitor with only one or two products to large food conglomerates, the goal is positioning and finding the optimum way to bring products to market. At trade shows, small retailers rub shoulders with big box stores, and exhibitors have to determine the profile of the customer they want to reach.

This is not only true in the U.S. but worldwide. The trade show industry in the U.S. contributes significantly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and outside North America, the trend is toward large expositions and trade shows that cross cultures and geographic boundaries. From tourism to jobs that the industry creates, trade shows are a major force in the global economy.

And why? Because trade shows work! According to the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR), closing a sale with a prospect from an exhibition versus one found in the field saves $914 per prospect. It costs $2,188 to close a sale with an exhibition lead (including the average of $96 to identify a prospect at an exhibition and $2,092, which is the average cost of 3.5 sales calls to the prospect). In comparison, it costs $3,102 to close a sale without an exhibition lead (including the average of $443 to identify a prospect without the aid of an exhibition, and $2,659, which is the average cost of 4.5 sales calls to the prospect). What makes trade shows so effective is the direct brand engagement. In an era where most communication is electronic, face to face marketing is one of the last opportunities for real human contact.

Look at some of the work Access has done for a number of diverse companies—and picture your company’s logo on this page.

Share Your Brand Message. Face to Face.

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