30 Causes, Week 17: Emma Frances Dalton Fund


Our week 17 winner of ’30 Causes’ has been awarded to the Emma Frances Dalton Fund of the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation. Emma Frances Dalton was born in 2010 and soon thereafter began developing symptoms common with the mitochondrial disease spectrum. Mitochondrial diseases affect the mitochondria of cells within the body, which are responsible for over 90% of the body’s energy to sustain life and support growth. Unfortunately, Emma passed away in April of the following year, as there was no treatment that could be done to prevent the disease from taking its toll after diagnosis. Her memory, however, lives on in the form of a fund dedicated to research of mitochondrial diseases and potential cures. The fund has raised over $20k to date.

For more info on Emma’s story and how you can support mitochondrial disease, please visit Emma’s page here

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