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Since its inception, Access has been a privately owned company with no changes in ownership. Access is the ideal partner for companies dedicated to competitive positioning in their industries.

Access is among the largest independently owned face-to-face marketing companies in North America and has experienced consistent, organic growth since inception in 1985.

Changes in design trends, technology, and client restructuring have made monitoring the marketplace essential. The ability to respond to the demands of every size and type of face-to-face marketing program is key to a successful future.

Access thrives on premium client service, and superior execution. From a pioneering regional exhibit builder to a sophisticated face-to-face leader, Access serves clients with award-winning exhibits across a broad mix of industries such as pharmaceutical, biotech, automotive, technology, animal health and consumer goods.

When face-to-face opportunities expand beyond the U.S.,
clients depend on Access’ global expertise to help them reach
new and diverse markets, assured of cost-effective solutions
and brand integrity.

  • 5 locations across the US
  • 100,000 square feet of design and fabrication space
  • 155,000 square feet of warehouse and storage space
  • 170 engaged employees at Access TCA
  • 95% revenue ranking in face-to-face marketing

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Service: the Key to Successful Face-to-Face Marketing Programs

Access recognizes that client-driven service and support are critical for successful face-to-face marketing. Our dedicated client services team manages large and small programs, where efficiency, cost-savings, responsiveness, and client satisfaction are top priorities.

Financial Stability: Access is a debt-free, reliable, and low-risk partner.

Private Ownership: Answering to no shareholders, Access carefully selects clients and puts their interests first.

Face-to-Face Marketing Across Industries: Diversity and design innovation protect Access against economic downturns. Best practices are benchmarked from one industry to another, greatly broadening the range and quality of creative solutions.

Union Affiliations: The Access workforce is entirely non-union, keeping our overhead low and resulting in typical savings of 20-30% over many of our competitors in areas such as fabrication costs, graphic production, and inbound/outbound handling of exhibit properties.

Vendor Independence: Access has intentionally shunned expansive (and expensive) vertical growth and unnecessary overhead, offering clients options that are truly best for them. We foster partnerships and strategic relationships with best in class agencies and suppliers for technology, lead retrieval, video and the like. We provide our clients with the perfect resources to activate their programs.

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