Animal Health

The animal health industry is one of the fastest growing global markets. Encompassing both pet care and livestock health, it is no wonder that Vetnosis, a UK based research firm in the field, projects growth at a compound annual rate of 6% per year. Currently, animal health is estimated to represent a global market of between $92-102 billion, with medicines and vaccines representing $22 billion of that figure. Or in the words of Monday Morning economist Garret Baldwin, it is “A $22 Billion Industry That Nobody on Wall Street Is Talking About.”

Baldwin continues, “That’s why animal health products represent a very lucrative market-especially for pharmaceutical companies with their own animal health divisions. Even as these Big Pharma companies struggle with patent expirations and concerns about government intervention in the healthcare markets, animal health and nutrition has evolved into a market with a steady source of growth and strong, reliable margins. The future of animal health and nutrition remains one of the brightest and most innovative sectors in today’s markets.”

Access is recognized as one of the first exhibit and event organizations to acknowledge the challenges and opportunities in the field of animal health, and because of that, we are a preferred supplier to many of the leading companies in the industry.

Access has responded to the challenges

•   to innovate in this field
•   to stay fiercely competitive
•   to keep trade show participation cost effective
•   to maintain brand relevance

Our clients in the animal health sector will tell you that we offer unparalleled service and have the capabilities to meet the needs of this market—from exhibit design and fabrication, program management, content delivery, traffic building and convention support—to strategies to keep the selling process alive after the show closes.


At Access, we understand the implications of the power of the animal health industry: better veterinary medicine and diets help feed the world. Healthy animals mean healthy humans, since about 60% of human pathogens are transmitted from other species—whether through the food we eat or the diseases themselves. The animal health market can respond much more quickly to veterinary needs; the lengthy R&D and approval processes associated with human health products are more or less eliminated. Closer to home, we love our pets and want to keep them healthy for a long time.

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