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Trade Shows Aren't Training Days

Trade Shows Aren’t Training Days

by: Mark Harnischfeger    |    July 22, 2019    |    Experiential Strategy

According to CEIR data, when senior executives attend trade shows, they are serious shoppers. They are making purchasing decisions about what products and services to buy for their companies. They are decision makers with specific concerns and objectives. If this is the case, is it wise to staff your exhibit with rookies who may or may not be up to speed on product information but who certainly do not have the experience and industry depth to talk to high level attendees with any degree of empathy? [...]

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Lose the Literature and Lighten the Load

by: Brendan Emerson    |    June 3, 2015    |    Experiential Strategy

Literature is not the only path to literacy at your booth. Even before digital content delivery was introduced, bringing and distributing print literature at a show was always a waste of effort and money. Now, depending on your source for statistics, anywhere from 50 to 65% of literature sent to trade shows winds up in the trash, while sending boxes of print literature to a show drives your material handling fees (drayage) up. Way up. [...]

Exceptional Client Service

Exceptional Client Service

by: ACCESS    |    January 11, 2015    |    Experiential Strategy

In the words of Helen Mirren’s character in ‘Gosford Park’, “What gift do you think a good servant has that separates them from the others? It’s the gift of anticipation.” [...]