Building Brand Engagement, Inspiring Creative Bravery at EuroShop


Every three years, EuroShop lures designers, marketers, and everyone who is passionate about innovative, functional design—whether in retail, exhibitions, or museum work—to Dusseldorf where 16 halls of brilliant innovation generate ideas, comments, and a lot of photography.

As a company committed to the exhibition industry, Access TCA joins the rest of the faithful for this every three-year pilgrimage to Dusseldorf. EuroShop functions as a shot of adrenaline to boost our innate creativity. We discover new ways to look at accessible design for walls, for conference rooms, for lighting.

Even more important for us—because of the high volume of work we do in every facet of the healthcare industry as a healthcare exhibit house—we discover new ways to enhance design and make exhibits more compelling without violating compliance guidelines. No one has an argument with interesting textures or walls that are not 4′ x 8′ panels. The technology on display at EuroShop is a catalyst for developing new ways to deliver and gather information and to facilitate learning for healthcare professionals and other audiences in the space.

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Over the years, the fair, as it is called, has morphed from jaw-dropping displays, stellar designs by builders, into materials, structures, and technologies that enhance the customer experience. For example, at a previous EuroShop, Phillips incorporated music from a theatrically lit piano that ascended and descended throughout the day while at night, the space turned into a disco. (No one leaves the exhibit hall at 5:00 PM!) This year, however, there was much more engagement as Phillips used food shopping, data analytics, and of course, lighting as major attractions, announcing the company’s “indoor positioning system.”

Our group from Access noted new shapes and finishes. Where years ago, fabric was not widely used in exhibits outside the U.S. because of prohibitive fire codes, now fabric is everywhere. Extruded aluminum systems rule the show floor, and natural materials—wood and stone, for instance—merge freely with metal and recycled coverings for both walls and floors.

We invite you to look at some of the sights that inspired us—and look for more in our next blog post.

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