Exhibit Industry Awards: The Envelope Please!


The BIG award season is over. You know, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, MTV, BET, and SAG awards—oh, and the Oscars. During the first quarter of the year, pop culture celebrates itself with elaborately produced, obscenely long, self-aggrandizing televised ceremonies that boggle a mind daring to consider what these ceremonies cost.

Although most of us probably have a passing knowledge of one or all of these events, would it surprise you to know there are other award ceremonies that acknowledge work that hits closer to home, that don’t involve millions of dollars in jewels or a red carpet? These are the awards that honor the many levels of creativity found in the business-to-business sphere. And as much as the major entertainment award shows offer us three-plus hours of escape and the opportunity to dispense fashion advice, most of us don’t regularly inhabit that universe.

Awards celebrating the work the rest of us do are important for many reasons. Beyond shining a light on the work itself, awards give credit to the individuals, the creators of the work. They allow us to give a standing ovation to the people whose pursuit of excellence means success for their clients. Winning an award contributes significantly to brand attributes and builds not only opportunities for public relations but also for client relations.

All of this is by way of announcing that Access won three design awards at EXHIBITORLIVE as well as recognition for our thought leadership among other companies who do what we do. The exhibit we designed for Elgato won two awards, and our work for Foundation Medicine won another. We salute our designers, our account teams, and all of the people who contributed to the production as well as the installation and dismantling of these exhibits.

If you are on the client or brand side, you know that trade shows and trade show exhibits are a major part of your budget, and you are expected to produce results in return for the investment. We have seen many of our award-winning designs give greater visibility to products and therapies, often in highly regulated industries like pharma, and build attendee engagement. By our commitment to “creative bravery,” we continue to demonstrate what is possible within constraints—and to make our work both compelling and cost effective.

Many of you reading this piece work for agencies, and you know exactly what we are talking about. You didn’t do the Tide ads for the Super Bowl, but you did some awesome work for a product that will prolong life for people with cancer. Maybe your spokespeople don’t say, “dilly dilly,” but you are eloquent in the way you help market knee replacements. It’s a thrill to be recognized by your industry and your peers.

So, here’s to all of us because, in the end, we are all winners. Our mission is to bring marketing excellence and humanity to designs that are generally only are seen by a target market—and we do it with passion, with precision, and with pride.

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