Here’s to the Exhibit Industry’s SUPER HEROES


Recently someone sharing our table at McCormick Place’s Connie’s Pizza said, “You know, if it weren’t for the superheroes, Hollywood would be having a really bad year.” At Access, we know that we work with REAL SUPER HEROES, our clients, the people who make trade show exhibits happen, the people who:

  • Miss their 25th wedding anniversaries but have enough points to fly their partners in for the weekend after the show.
  • Quiz their kids on spelling words via Facetime.
  • Cry at the same kids’ Christmas concerts because this year is the first time they have been able to attend. (Other adults cry at the concert, but for different reasons.)
  • Unpack to find two totally unrelated shoes.
  • Explain to the CEO that “booth babes” is a term no longer considered politically correct.
  • Find someone to fix the booth internet on a regular, hourly basis.
  • Smile at the reps who hate their hotel rooms, all the while knowing there isn’t another single bleeping room left in all of Orlando.
  • Go to Plan B when half the booth staff comes down with food poisoning.
  • Are courteous to the director who brings a “special friend” instead of a spouse.
  • Explain to the female staffer why sequined pantsuits aren’t corporate attire. Also to the males.
  • Arrange break schedules that no one ever likes.
  • Show relatively intelligent adults how to use lead gathering devices. Then show them again. And again.
  • Tell product and/or brand managers why [fill in the blank] won’t really work in the exhibit. Not by a long shot.
  • Try to fix demos.
  • Try to find packages (No, we shipped them to the hotel!)
  • Try to get lunch—particularly during set-up when nothing in the hall is open.
  • Wait (and wait) for freight/carpet/scanners/technology/lighting people to get around to their booths.
  • Explain to the presenters what they are supposed to be doing when not presenting—and what they are not supposed to be doing.
  • Repeat: No, don’t drink your coffee in the booth on the light carpet…oh no…
  • Show tough love to the two sniping scientists who used to be a couple but no longer are.
  • Snarl at suitcasers. Right: go ahead, snarl. They deserve it. You’ll feel better.
  • Watch a forklift back into the tower in their exhibits—and show no sign of this having happened when the show opens except dark circles under their eyes.
  • Celebrate at dinner with the “road family,” the people who always have one another’s backs.
  • Get to the airport for their flights home, only to learn their flight is three hours late.
  • Can’t imagine life without trade shows.

You are OUR SUPER HEROES—See you on the road!

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