A Step by Step Guide to Creative Bravery for Healthcare Exhibitors


We get it: managing an exhibit program at a healthcare company is a tough job. Not only are you expected to develop strategy, but all the tactical work comes under your jurisdiction as well. And because the tactical part completely baffles most people—how does everything come together? —you need to assert yourself as more than just the person who orders the carpet and internet.

That kind of assertiveness calls for creative bravery. What is creative bravery? Work that takes chances in pursuit of excellence and changes the status quo. The investment in creative brilliance and bravery is a safe business decision. (Cannes Lions, The Business Case for Creative Bravery)

What steps do you take to enhance the perception of exhibitions as a strategic initiative? We have created a guide to help you achieve this goal. It’s called Creative Bravery: Face-to-Face Marketing Strategies for the Healthcare Industry, and you can download this free guide here.

creative bravery for healthcare industry face to face marketing strategies

We start with the facts that

  • Face-to-face meetings are unique opportunities to connect in person with healthcare professionals, influencers, the press, academics, and analysts in person.
  • Face-to-face events represent a significant part of the overall marketing budget, so they need to prove their value. But what factors contribute to a successful event?
  • Differentiating your face-to-face initiatives calls for “creative bravery.” Don’t proceed in the same old direction. Be brave, and consider new ways to structure your event participation.

Plus, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and consider the customer experience—the experience for each category of customer—in depth as you build your strategy.

Our guide will walk you through the steps that result in an exhibit that is not only compelling from an aesthetic standpoint but also one that achieves results.

Download our free guide Creative Bravery: Face-to-Face Marketing Strategies for the Healthcare Industry, and become the team strategist. Questions? As an experienced healthcare exhibit house, we’ll be happy to help. Just remember, in the words of Josh Prince at Omnicom Health Group:

Pulling back on taking risks in marketing isn’t expected to improve the dialogue between drug makers and patients, insurers, doctors, lawmakers and investors who make up their audience. It’s really going to take inventiveness and inspiration and ambition and creativity.