Comprehensive Strategies for Meetings and Events

Successful face-to-face marketing means successful attendee management. While Forbes reports more than 80% of business leaders prefer in-person meetings and conferences as a way to deepen engagement, establish stronger and mutually profitable relationships, capturing the hearts and minds, never mind the attention, of your market can be challenging. Event attendees are protective of their time; they want to spend it in ways that are meaningful, perhaps educational, and certainly enjoyable. Access Meetings and Events understands this challenge. We have the experience and the power to create and produce events that not only meet those criteria but also ensure memorability.

Discovering and managing the requirements and tastes of sophisticated audiences within the environment of their individual industries requires the finesse that Access Meetings and Events brings to your event. Access knows that complex industries like healthcare demand a unique level of understanding and experience, as well as an intimate knowledge of the audience and their expectations. Taking into account the constraints of legal, regulatory, and compliance issues—and the potential for roadblocks to creative bravery—we execute events that meet the mandates and expectations of your internal teams while delighting your audience.

How do we bring our attendee management strategy to life? We have a four-step process:

Planning: Initially, our attendee management strategy involves internal meetings where we identify goals and objectives, select a site, establish a theme, and create budgets consistent with our selection of partners.

Coordinating: Maybe it doesn’t take a village, but sometimes it seems that way. From negotiating contracts and making deposits and payments to creating a web portal and developing an event app, from registering and building an audience to arranging, food, beverage, and transportation—your event is stress-free when it’s in our hands. Meeting materials, speaker support, production, staging, and design—Access Meetings and Events does it all.

Executing: Access Meetings and Events supports you on-site, 24/7, managing logistics, conducting rehearsals, coordinating housing, catering, and transportation, plus ensuring a smooth run of show. Any last-minute ancillary meetings? Any VIP requests and concerns? We’re on board to handle anything and everything.

Evaluating: More than reconciling the final invoices, Access Meetings and Events conducts debriefing sessions and surveys your internal and external customers—all the fine-tuning that will go toward making your next event even better.

When you rely on our dedicated team to design a comprehensive strategy for your meetings and events—either the entire event or individual elements like registration or travel arrangements—you can be sure the results will be seamless—and extraordinary. Our experience in national and international conventions and meetings as well as ad boards, hospitality suites, housing, registration, and VIP management promises comprehensive solutions for you and your clients.

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