Program Management

Face-to-face programs come in all shapes and sizes. Some of our clients attend one or two shows a year, others attend four or five shows a month. Still, others combine a mix of trade shows, outdoor events, and customer meetings. Thanks to our clients who continue to grow and expand their market positions, we have the experience to manage intricate programs that include not just exhibits but corporate events as well.

At Access, we are especially proud of our client services team. These are the people who take a strategic approach to handling the logistics of your program. From warehouse management to sourcing partners, from generating service orders to on-site supervision, we are the acknowledged experts in the industry when it comes to program management.

When a client’s custom exhibit components need augmentation for a larger footprint at a single show or event, we can supplement existing properties with rental pieces. Our warehousing facilities make it possible for us to store properties on either coast. If your exhibit program takes you overseas, we work with strategic partners around the world to make sure your brand is protected and your communication is culturally relevant.