Meetings and events extend the face-to-face experience but with a difference: you have your target market all to yourself. Competitors are absent, distractions are minimal, and you have an unequalled opportunity to interact face-to-face with your customers, prospects and colleagues.

Access has a long history of producing successful meetings in tandem with trade shows or as standalone events, everything from board meetings to product launches, from KOL dinners to golf outings. Our offerings include every facet of the planning and execution process. We source the appropriate venue, whether that is an executive conference center, a hotel ballroom or a unique event center, and we make sure that it is equipped and decorated appropriately for your group. Catering? Food and beverage? No problem. Corporate gifts? Our specialty. Video support? Keynote speakers? Music? Entertainment? All in a day’s work. We help you establish goals and objectives as well as show the value of your event.

Access understands the details and the negotiations that lie below the surface of successful events. And we understand that in a world where communication has become increasingly digital, nothing delivers results like the human experience.