Production and Fabrication

Creating an environment for engagement

Your face-to-face environment deserves the best production and fabrication. Access delivers excellence at every point of the process. Your exhibit is a source of pride for every person who contributes to turning a design into reality. Our in-house capabilities–carpentry, cabinet-making, metal shop, graphics production, specialty engineering, and more–allow us to meet the needs and demands of your market.

New conversations,
new opportunities

The elements of a branded environment can be simple, complex, or something in between. Our designers, artisans, and specialty craft services provide environments that enable in-depth conversations with attendees. At Access, our production and fabrication capabilities create unique spaces where your target market can feel comfortable while learning why your products and services are a good fit for their companies or their practices.

We are aware that you have many options for your exhibit or experience. You may choose to own a custom-built property, a rental exhibit, or a hybrid of custom properties that you own augmented by rental pieces, depending on the footprint you have at any given event. Because day after day, we build engaging environments, we can suggest the orientation of your exhibit for a particular show, structural support options, and lighting. You will receive material choices in a range of styles and prices.

Access has the Know-How

Access is justifiably proud of our in-house production capabilities in both Whitinsville and in Las Vegas. Your account team communicates directly and on site with our production director and carefully monitors the progress on your exhibit. Our woodworking, metalwork, and paint shops can create pieces for clients that enable storytelling as the customer journey unfolds. Our graphics production capabilities add to the depth of our expertise. We know the types of questions people ask because we are used to responding to individual requests. We explore possibilities with you when you share your ideas with us.

Access Bridges the Gap

Access production occupies a space between inspiration and reality. We offer design, engineering, and fabrication under one roof. We have the experience and the skill to transform concepts into custom work. Don’t hesitate to ask!

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