Program Management

Access’ program management enjoys a reputation for excellence throughout the exhibit industry. Our highly skilled client services teams provide exceptional value, whether your program consists of two events or two hundred. From managing your properties and graphics to ensuring that you get favorable rates on show services by taking advantage of discount deadlines, your program  will receive attention at an unprecedented and unmatched level.

A Significant Point of Differentiation

At Access, our program management is a significant point of differentiation. A client may start with a single show promoting a single product, but from the onset of our relationship with them, we encourage them to set goals and to think ahead. We bring together the individual pieces that contribute to the success and execution of the entire program.

Strategy Drives our

Program Management

Strategy backs our approach to client services and program management. Trade shows and events demand that many projects and initiatives come together to achieve client goals. Multiple departments within Access, our partner companies, and our clients bring their concerns and objectives to the table. Our focus is on execution and managing the functional elements of the project: deadlines, budgets, and deliverables.

Our Best Assets Wear Shoes—and have CTSM after their names

One of the areas where our clients see the Access difference is our people. Most of the people who see to it that your exhibit gets on the show floor flawlessly, the people engaged in managing your programs, have either achieved the Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) designation or are actively seeking it. Our people understand how to integrate processes and assets for increased efficiency, to keep goals in mind when a new initiative is introduced, and they are committed to our clients’ success.

Creating Client Value

Our program management team is continually looking for ways to create value for our clients. Managing multiple projects and multiple constituencies, they orchestrate successful programs, knowing that when a show opens, everything needs to be ready—no matter what it takes. They prioritize tasks throughout the planning process so that not only is everything show-ready, but they have made a concerted effort to find cost-effective ways to achieve the goals.

A Holistic Approach to Program Management

Our program management teams are strong, skilled communicators. They understand conflict management when there is disagreement about any aspect of the program. In coordinating the parts of the projects and the different departments and vendors involved, they offer reliable guidance throughout the management process. They are flexible and born multitaskers. Occasionally, groups or individuals lose sight of the direction, and when that happens, we keep everything on track.

Experience the
Access Difference

In the trade show industry, Access has a reputation for delivering excellent program management. Those one-show-a-year companies can grow into 200-shows-a-year companies, and no matter the size of the company or the show schedule, our processes allow us to handle programs skillfully and professionally.

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