Scope Creep


What to do?

The key to project scope management is excellent communication, level setting and expectation setting. However, if you have not built a relationship with whom you are partnering, your trust level may be in jeopardy.

To avoid this, be honest, over-communicate all considerations and changes. Companies today know that budgets are tight and everyone is accountable to the original budget. Help yourself by not avoiding the difficult conversation, jump in and build your value as someone that cares and acknowledges these challenges.

The best way to help you help each other is understanding who owns the budget. If more dollars are required, is there room to find dollars to meet expectations? If not, then the conversation shifts to what can we remove and still deliver on expectations.

Keep in mind that everyone is in the business to stay in business, but today’s margins are narrow and competitive. It’s the relationship, great work, and trust that delivers success against budget.

What best practices have you executed in these situations?