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Our Industry is Never Static

Clients and their audiences are becoming more sophisticated, and marketing value today is driven by experience. Face-to-face marketing is changing from an expensive, logistics-heavy marketing channel to an experiential branding opportunity with a logistics component. Audiences today want to be part of an experience—not “talked to.”

Strategy is a roadmap that shows the way to achieve your face-to-face marketing goals. Collaboratively determining this path, we will help you develop the optimal customer journey that results in memorability, engagement, and loyalty. Your well-defined strategy will win the hearts and minds of your target market and give you a favorable return on your event investment.
Our strategy offering provides analytical backing to every recommendation we make, ensuring our suggestions are thoughtful and targeted.

Our Strategy Offering

Your Access team delivers an unapologetic point-of-view derived from insights, experiences, and research around our clients’ brands, customers, and market conditions. Our goal is to provide a better way to engage your audiences, move them to action, and measure the results. Occasionally we will suggest using unconventional and cost-effective tactics, investing energy and creativity instead of money to increase brand engagement.

What We Offer You

Our offering encompasses three distinct areas specifically designated to drive the most value:

    • Program Analytics Development and Monitoring: This phase includes creating a framework for your metrics, goal-setting initiatives, data collection architecture, and measurement reporting
    • Experience Design: In this phase, we map the attendee journey, develop a theme, and suggest other components such as sponsorships that will heighten the strategy.
    • Portfolio Planning: In this phase, we gather intelligence to enhance your strategy activation. We accomplish this by compiling competitive audits, researching, and developing insights both within your industry, and the event industry and by bringing best practices and trends to your attention.


Why The Access Strategy Offering?

As we like to say, we are an experience design agency with exhibit house roots. We have grown and evolved alongside our clients and pushed the growth of key industry segments.

We are not a more traditional agency trying to force-fit our services for non-organic growth. We represent revolution and change in our industry and our clients’ expectations.

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