Trade Show Success: More Than an Awesome Booth


Building a new exhibit is exciting. You pick the trade show for launching your new look—usually an important show in your industry—you weigh in on the design process, budget discussions, previews, approvals—and voila! On the day of the show, you have the best booth on the floor. You’re happy, your management is happy, your customers compliment you.

But that happiness will be short lived if you don’t attract the right attendees to your exhibit and have conversations with them that lead to sales. Think about this:

  • Exhibit Surveys says the average attendee spends a slightly more than 9 hours in the exhibit hall, visiting an average of 26 exhibits.
  • 20 of those 26 visits are planned, on a must-see agenda the attendee compiles before the show.
  • The other 6 are happenstance, arbitrary choices made during the show—some obviously influenced by the appearance of the exhibit.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Be among the 20 companies on your targets’ pre-show agenda. Access’ VP of Creative, Stephen Ross, advocates adopting what he calls the “curb-to-carpet” approach. He suggests…

1.    Beginning the engagement well in advance of the attendee’s leaving for the trade show (the curb)

2.    Developing effective tactics that will build awareness and affinity for your company at the show, which will culminate in engagement through the experience on the show floor (the carpet)

3.    Continuing the conversation after the show: follow up with a thank you at the minimum and keep the momentum going.

Of course, this is just an overview of the process. Watch for more about this topic here. But in the meantime, remember that your new booth is providing you with a new opportunity to engage with your market.

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