Candela unveils new corporate identity and showcases a full line of innovative medical aesthetic devices at AAD

In the field of dermatology, particularly among exhibitors at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), there are two types of companies: cosmetic and clinical. Candela is a leading US-based global medical aesthetic device company. Their mission with this exhibit was to relaunch the company. Formerly called Syneron-Candela, the new name was simply Candela.


Candela wanted an exhibit that looked more like a high-end medical—or clinical—exhibit. The previous exhibit had a spa-like or cosmetic aesthetic. The company also had a new color palette: black, magenta, and chrome.

Besides, the old exhibit was heavy; shipping and drayage charges were eating into the event budget. Candela wanted to cut non-attendee facing costs.. What they wanted in a new exhibit was an open, lightweight structure, but one that still looked substantial. To further add to the expense of maintaining the old exhibit, there was a massive hanging sign that had to be reskinned every time the exhibit was used in a smaller configuration. The plan for the new properties was usage in footprints as varied as a 20’ x 30’, 20’x 20’, and 10’ x 20’.


The exhibit used the new Candela color palette—black, magenta, and chrome—which immediately changed the exhibit from a spa-like setting to a more medical look. To reduce the weight of the exhibit as well as reduce drayage charges, Access constructed the exhibit primarily from fabric and beMatrix (extruded aluminum) components. Access did away with the one large hanging sign and used “L” shaped signs which work in any configuration—either as a single “L” or two used together. The “L” signs show the name: Candela. For the largest configuration, a square hanging sign, suspended between two “Ls,” highlights the Candela logo. Attendees could enjoy coffee and watch artist Charlene Lanzel’s sand animation weave together messages of beauty and innovation.


In addition to unveiling its new visual brand identity, Candela showcased its latest products–the Vbeam® Prima and the enhanced, multi-application Nordlys system. The exhibit was a perfect backdrop for Candela’s announcement of its success in treating pediatric patients with Vbeam Prima and new uses for its Nordiys laser system. Candela’s presence at AAD alerted Wall Street to the company’s potential.

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