Delivering a Creative, and Compliant Brand Presence for QBREXZA™ Product Launch

Dermira delivers new therapies to patients living with chronic skin conditions, believing that innovation and product development in medical dermatology lags behind other therapeutic areas. Dermira received FDA approval to bring its first product, QBREXZA, to market. QBREXZA is a medicated cloth indicated for the topical treatment of primary axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating). Dermira launched QBREXZA at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD).


Dermira called Access when the company wanted an alternative to its previous exhibit house. Why Access? Because Dermira was impressed with our social media presence! Dermira asked us to use existing properties from its last exhibit. Also, a critical factor in promoting QBREXZA is that the product comes in a packet. Because QBREXZA is available only by prescription, the packets themselves could not be displayed without running the risk of attendees assuming that they were giveaways.


The key existing property Dermira wanted to reuse was a large hanging sign. Access turned the hanging sign into the central focus of the exhibit. Kinetic lighting (www.kinetic- descended from the sign, forming a light blue circular pattern and acting as a traffic driver. Because attendees could not experience the actual product, we played on “QBREXZA” with a hospitality offering, “Qoffee and Qookies.” The QBREXZA box was encased in an acrylic display case, surrounded by individual product packages so that no one could walk off with the product.

The exhibit used double-sided kiosks for medical detailing stations where interactive touchscreens provided medical and product information as well as patient-centric information. The exhibit had three sections: (1) promotional: hospitality (Qoffee and Qookies) plus two unbranded areas where only the company name, not the product name, was displayed; (2) the medical section where healthcare professionals (HCPs) could learn about the science behind QBREXZA, and (3) a clinical trial sign-up section which also featured a display of Dermira’s pipeline showing products in clinical trials.


The QBREXZA launch at AAD drew overwhelming traffic, and Dermira staff engaged with over 500 HCPs onsite. With 10 million people in the US afflicted with primary axillary hyperhidrosis, approximately one year after the launch, 16,000 HCPs are prescribing QBREXZA to 16,000 patients.

Prescriptions for QBREXZA were written one year after the launch

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