Establishing a BIG Brand Presence, Using BIG Imagery at NPE for Teknor Apex.

Teknor Apex is a material science company that develops polymers for a variety of products in a plethora of industries. The company is an important supplier of raw materials—and no one knows who they are! The company asked Access to help get the word out.


Teknor Apex wanted the plastics industry to know who they are and what they do. Most companies don’t pay much attention to the suppliers of raw materials. Think about the legacy Intel campaign: Intel Inside. The goal here was similar: at NPE, the major global industry show, Teknor Apex wanted to establish a BIG brand presence, using BIG imagery. Details didn’t matter.


How do you create a positive brand experience for attendees, many of them representing global markets, at NPE? If you are Access, you keep it simple. Taking the client’s lead, Access didn’t deliver any complicated messages—just huge graphics that showed the company name and created visual experiences of the raw material. We suspended a hanging sign over a large seamless 16’ fabric canopy that, in turn, extends over a rental deck with a stairway ending in a hospitality counter.

The exhibit shows Teknor Apex locations on a map and also a list of Teknor Apex’s products, such as vinyls, esters, and polyolefins. For additional brand reinforcement, we suspended a large fabric logo from the canopy.

A theater in the exhibit allows Teknor Apex spokespeople to present technical talks throughout each show day. Behind the theater are seven bins, and each bin contains the raw pellets that become plastic. On the outside of each bin are pictures of the products the pellets ultimately make.

After show hours, as is the case with many global shows, Teknor Apex turned into an after-hours party spot. The hospitality counter becomes a bar, and the music is pumped up.


Unlike most of our other clients, Teknor Apex wasn’t generating leads; they were generating brand awareness for a product most people take for granted. The striking exhibit, the theater presentations, and of course, the after-hours celebrations will ensure that the name “Teknor Apex” gets the brand recognition in their industry that they deserve.

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