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Access creates engaging exhibits and experiences in environments that allow our clients to achieve their goals and objectives while engaging and delighting their customers. Our studio excels in graphics design as well. Research shows that attendees are drawn to attractive exhibits but exhibits also have to work. At Access, we understand how to merge those two mandates for a memorable show floor presence.

Design is not art.

Design, according to Milton Glaser, is the process of going from an existing condition to a preferred one. Designers are problem solvers. Their job is to understand the purpose, audience, technical parameters, and strategic nuances of a project. the next generation of marketing and design professionals 

Design engages. It doesn’t exist for its own sake but to foster two-way communication, to produce memorability, and to influence behavior. Our designers understand the role they play, and you will find conversations with them clear and accessible.

When you work with Access designers, the first question is not about your color palette. We start with an overview of your goals, your brand message, and your objectives before diving into a discussion about colors, fonts, or materials. We want you to think differently, to have an experience that opens your minds to new possibilities.


The Access Design Studio

Our design studio brings 2D and 3D together, creating a seamless experience for attendees at your event. At Access, design is never an afterthought. Our designers believe it is critical for them to be part of the initial strategy discussion. They know how your exhibit looks is important, but even more important is how it works. Continually updating their knowledge of new products and best practices, our designers incorporate technology, not for its own sake, but to enhance the human experience at your event.

Creative Bravery

If we did not mention our extensive healthcare portfolio, we would leave out one of our significant design capabilities: pursuing creative bravery in a regulated industry. What, you ask, is creative bravery?

A document from the Cannes Lions, The Business Case for Creative Bravery, defines it as “Work that takes chances in pursuit of excellence and changes the status quo. The investment in creative brilliance and bravery is a safe business decision.”

According to one of our partners at Area 23, winner of multiple awards for healthcare creative, “Healthcare is still a very conservative industry, but every year, the door to creativity opens wider and wider. And every time a marketer makes a brave decision, it makes everyone around them a little bit braver too.”
Attendees at healthcare meetings want a human experience as much as anyone—and Access designers are uniquely poised to provide it. They ask: What type of experience do you need to create? What do you want to achieve? Can you tell us more about the specialists in this therapeutic area? They know the questions to ask and how to engage the market in a way that influences prescribing or buying behaviors.

Experience the
Access Difference

There is a reason  our designs continue to win awards year after year; the reason is we blend form and function to produce meaningful engagements for our clients’ customers. Call us and see for yourself.


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