Virtual Offerings

Virtual meetings and conferences aren’t new to the face-to-face industry, although in-person events have always taken precedence. However, as COVID-19 demands adaptation, virtual offerings provide a cost-effective, fully-engaging solution for companies to adhere to their event strategies. Not only can virtual solutions enable an approximation to the physical environment, but evolving technology provides enhanced metrics and interaction.

At Access, we offer a robust participant experience for virtual attendees by

  • Using polling throughout the event to foster participant awareness.
  • Providing the resources and content participants need when they need it.
  • Allowing participants to annotate, save, and review meeting content slides.
  • Measuring knowledge transfer with pre-and post-event assessments.
  • Enabling participants to respond to content through active surveys.

    We offer three options for your virtual events:

      Virtual meetings: Live, hosted online meetings that encourage audience engagement.

      Virtual exhibits: Interactive exhibit renderings with links to media content.

      Complete congress support: A comprehensive solution that links virtual exhibits and virtual meetings on either a hosted site or an association or show management site.

      Virtual Meetings

      To ensure virtual engagement, we use a stable technology platform to minimize technology and connectivity issues as well as privacy. Our technology captures the profile of each participant, bridges a personal connection, and establishes empathy. A customized embedded survey tool allows you to post and answer questions in real-time.

      After the event, we will provide a dashboard summary for participants and allow you to archive presentations as well as  a continuing education sign in.

      Event Coordination
      & Management

      Our account teams will work with your event team to coordinate and manage meeting preparation and delivery by not only coordinating logistics and communication but also by helping transition face-to-face meeting management skills to the virtual platform.

      The Access offering gives you a simple interface that allows you to present from anywhere. You will have consistent support from our program management teams. We will also have technical help available to handle any necessary troubleshooting.

      Your Role

      As the event manager, you will be able to access all the meeting data on a secure dashboard. You will be able to measure engagement and quantify the impact of the meeting by reviewing questions, polling results, and survey responses. You will gain powerful insights into participant engagements and be able to determine the most popular content for future meetings.

      Virtual Exhibits

      The virtual exhibit reimagines existing architecture and content in a vibrant graphic environment, which can include booth renderings, fly-through animations, and virtual exhibit tours. The choice is yours. Our content management system for the virtual exhibit allows regular updates and the ability to repurpose the virtual exhibit for different therapeutic areas or product categories.

      Lower bandwidth versions of the interactive media used in the exhibit are embedded to communicate brand messages and product information. At the same time, virtual adaptions of activities such as scheduled live presentations, pre-recorded commentary or presentations, or even charitable donations can be part of the experience.

      The Experience

      Your virtual exhibit can integrate with association initiatives, while electronic document delivery makes it easy for participants to select from available literature that will be delivered electronically. As visitors enter the virtual exhibit, they will register and answer some pre-determined qualifying questions. Post-show, you will receive a customized report on the exhibit visitors and their interests.

      For healthcare exhibitors, the virtual exhibit will adhere strictly to information disseminated on the professional site.

      Complete Congress Support

      Our total congress support offering includes the virtual meeting and virtual exhibit options blended to create a compelling presence in a virtual format.

      To date, our clients’ measurement programs demonstrate high attendee product interest and engagement with both product and corporate brands. To learn how we can help you,

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